Ram Bahadur Ghale



Ram Bahadur Ghale

Greetings from Nepal!

I am Ram Bahadur Ghale, a multifaceted professional with a diverse portfolio that includes entrepreneurship, philanthropy, modeling, filmmaking, and politics. My work spans across various sectors such as tourism, entertainment, IT, politics, and philanthropy.

Currently, I hold the position of CEO and Founder in the following organizations:

CEO & Founder · April 30, 2010 to present · Kathmandu, Nepal

A leading wholesale tours supplier and destination management company for Asian countries. Book Tours, Holidays, Transfers, Things To Do & Hotels.

Creative Hands

Founder · June 17, 2007 to present · Kathmandu, Nepal
Creative Hands is non-profit, non-political, a non-governmental organization working for disadvantaged and disabled people who live in remote areas of Nepal. Ghale Ram founded the organization in 2007, with the mission to help the rural homeless people of Nepal whose suffering he has known so well. Creative Hands strives to bring tangible aid and hope to the lives of these poverty-stricken people and also to serve as a catalyst for greater humanitarian involvement in Nepal.

CEO · 2005 to present · Kathmandu, Nepal

Total IT Solutions – We provide professional services of e-commerce solution, mobile application development, software development, website development and graphics artwork design.

Director · May 11, 2015 to present · Kathmandu, Nepal
Liberty Films is a creative film production company based in Kathmandu, Nepal with hands on decade experienced the greatest numbers of film, media and tourism coordinating in Nepal.
We arrange Production & Post-Production, Location hunting, synopsis, Shooting, Drama, Documentary, artists arrangement, fashion photography, Magazine, Event mnagement, TVC Ads & Musical Film Making for entertainment businesses, Leisure & Travel, and more.
Founder & Managing Director –March 1, 2000 – Present·Kathmandu, Nepal

Offer one of the best ways to experience all destinations holiday possibilities. For inbound and outbound destinations, we take all the hassle out of travel with “free and easy”​ combination of air tickets, transportation, accommodation, trekking, honeymoon tour, tailor made tour and Eco tours. Whether your taste is for beautiful heritage, out door adventurous, jungle safari, trekking, expedition, Hill tribe tours, there’s a tailor made trip to suit your need.

The Socialist Party of Nepal (नेपाल समाजवादी पार्टी)
Central Committee Members – Since July 24, 2022 – Present
Party portfolios: Federation of Nepal Industry, Trade and Commerce (Incharge)

Our mission is to prioritize participatory democracy, quality education and employment for the youth and advocate for political stability, inclusive representation, and rapid economic development while ensuring the sustainable achievement and preservation of the Federal Democratic Republic.

American Society of Travel Advisors – ASTA
NEPAL Chapter President · September 1, 2015 to present · Kathmandu, Nepal

ASTA is the leading global advocate for travel agents, the travel industry and the traveling public. Expand your world. Go with the pros. ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) is the world’s largest association of travel professionals. Our members include travel agents and the companies whose products they sell such as tours, cruises, hotels, car rentals, etc. We are the leading advocate for travel agents, the travel industry and the traveling public.

Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF Nepal)
2016 – 2018 First Vice President · Kathmandu, Nepal

VITOF Nepal is a nonprofit organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Forum was established with the main objective of Village Tourism promotion.

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With a career spanning over two decades since 1994, I have been continually recognized for my innovative ideas and successful ventures. My extensive experience in these industries has taken me to all corners of Asia. Some of my favorite destinations include India, Bhutan, Singapore, China, Japan, Thailand, Maldives, Hong Kong, and Korea. I have received recognition for my extensive knowledge about these destinations and the luxury services I provide for travelers.

Over the years, I have collaborated with hundreds of professionals worldwide, adhering to the highest standards of service. This global network allows me to cater to the unique needs of my clients, whether they are individuals or corporations.

In addition to my business ventures, I am involved with the social welfare organization Creative Hands, a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged and disabled individuals in remote areas of Nepal.

In my leisure time, I enjoy sports and engage in media projects such as modeling, acting, photo shoots, and filmmaking. I also participate in fundraising programs to support charitable causes. As an ardent explorer, I continually seek out the world’s most beautiful and interesting destinations.

“As a global citizen, I believe that the future is in our hands!”


Ram Bahadur Ghale