Ram Bahadur Ghale

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Marshal Whiskey Red Label Model
Hello World, Namaste and Greetings from Nepal!
My name is Ram Bahadur Ghale, I am an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Model, Filmmaker, Politician and Daydreamer. I am affiliated with multiple fields like Tourism, Entertainment, IT , Politics and philanthropy.

I had been in the industry since 1994 and continually recognized for my innovative ideas and success. With 20 plus years experience in all aspects of those industry, I had been to all corners of Asia and some of my favorite destination spots include India, Bhutan, Singapore, China, Japan, Thailand, Maldives, Hongkong, and Korea. I had received recognition for his extensive knowledge about destinations and luxury services for travelers.

I had been worked with hundreds of professionals with the highest standards of service worldwide and brings that exclusive connection to my clients with the unique ability to identify and address the distinctive needs of my clients, be they individuals or corporations.
Behind of those businesses i had involved with social welfare organization Creative Hands (NGO) a nonprofit, non-political, non-governmental organization working for disadvantaged and disabled people who live in remote areas of Nepal.

I enjoy sports and spare time for Media projects Modeling, Actor, Photo Shoot, Film Making and fund rise program to help charitable causes, of course, an ardent explorer of the world’s most beautiful and interesting destinations!

“Let us be healthy, think positive, love others, be honest and make clean green environment and beautiful world. ”

Ram Bahadur Ghale