Ram Bahadur Ghale



Marshal Whiskey Red Label Model
Greetings from Nepal!
I am Ram Bahadur Ghale, a multifaceted professional with a diverse portfolio that includes entrepreneurship, philanthropy, modeling, filmmaking, and politics. My work spans across various sectors such as tourism, entertainment, IT, politics, and philanthropy. Currently, I hold the position of CEO and Founder in the following organizations: With a career spanning over two decades since 1994, I have been continually recognized for my innovative ideas and successful ventures. My extensive experience in these industries has taken me to all corners of Asia. Some of my favorite destinations include India, Bhutan, Singapore, China, Japan, Thailand, Maldives, Hong Kong, and Korea. I have received recognition for my extensive knowledge about these destinations and the luxury services I provide for travelers. Over the years, I have collaborated with hundreds of professionals worldwide, adhering to the highest standards of service. This global network allows me to cater to the unique needs of my clients, whether they are individuals or corporations. In addition to my business ventures, I am involved with the social welfare organization Creative Hands, a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged and disabled individuals in remote areas of Nepal. In my leisure time, I enjoy sports and engage in media projects such as modeling, acting, photo shoots, and filmmaking. I also participate in fundraising programs to support charitable causes. As an ardent explorer, I continually seek out the world’s most beautiful and interesting destinations.
As a global citizen, “Life is my sanctuary, and compassion is my creed. “जीवन मेरो पवित्रस्थान हो, र करुणा मेरो धर्म हो।” 🌍💙
Ram Bahadur Ghale